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OGA Registration Form

All interested parties must complete the registration form before being considered for membership. Well-structured sports programs can provide children and adults with opportunities to participate in physical activity, a choice proven to have immediate and long-term benefits. If you are interested in adding more physical activity to your life, OGA may be a good fit for you. Please complete the registration form if interested.

OGA Dispute Resolution Policy

In order to create an effective and safe environment, dispute resolution is critically important. There are several core strategies associated with dispute resolution such as mediation, arbitration, and a combination of the two. OGA prides itself on neutral and objective approaches to dispute resolution.

OGA Request For Resolution

In the case of a dispute, it is important to process the issue through the proper OGA channels. The OGA Request for Resolution form may be submitted for any sports related disputes, outside of ones concerning doping.

OGA Answer Regarding Dispute

After the proper OGA Request for Resolution is filed, the OGA Answer Regarding Dispute must be completed by the respondent to the request. The OGA Answer Regarding Dispute does not involve disputes regarding doping.

OGA Intervention

This form is filed by any person (outside of respondent and requester) wishing to take part in proceedings before the SDRCC in order to resolve a Sports-Related Dispute, either because he/she could be affected or impacted by the decision to be rendered or because he/she has an interest in the case and his/her presence can be useful to the proper adjudication of the dispute.

OGA Provisional Measures

Provisional and Conservatory Measures are requests addressed to the SDRCC in order to prevent the occurrence of irreversible consequences while waiting for the decision to be rendered after the arbitration.

OGA Answer due to Doping

This form is filed in response to a request for an arbitration hearing received by the SDRCC in order to resolve a Doping Dispute or a Doping Appeal.

OGA Arbitration Agreement EN

This agreement is effective when the parties wish to settle their dispute by way of arbitration and no arbitration clause providing for such a proceeding exists, or when the contract subject to the dispute does not provide for an arbitration clause.

OGA Resolution and Facilitation

In the case of a dispute, OGA allows parties to come to an amicable and fair settlement with the use of a Resolution and Facilitation request. It is critical that the situation is mediated by a Resolution Facilitator, an impartial third party assisting the two parties into an agreement.

OGA Discipline policy

all the SDRCC files should be in one folder - this is the process to file an arbitration or dispute with OGA - we ask that you review the documents and file accordingly.

OGA Financial policy

Please review the process of how financials are handled within the OGA. OGA acts in the best interest of our members. We strive to great heights and to be proactive and transparent in order to supply the funding available to get our athletes to the podium.

OGA Harassment Policy

Please review the policy regarding the high standards OGA follows. Harassment occurs when an employee is subjected to unwelcome verbal or physical conduct because of race, religious beliefs, colour, place of origin, gender, physical or mental ability, age, ancestry, marital status, source of income, family status or sexual orientation. OGA prohibits workplace harassment based on these grounds.

OGA Medical Personnel

Policy concerning personnel attending OGA events. We support ALL OGA events with appropriate OGA medical staff - doctors, trainers and paramedics where and when needed. Safety is our first priority.

OGA Medical Screening

Proper medical screening required for all athletes competing in OGA events. Our goal is to keep track of all athletes and to be on top of safety procedures, especially in regards to the crossing of sports. All athletes are screened prior to any competition or contest.

OGA Hosting Policy

The process of hosting an event is very important. We at OGA take pride on being professional and consistent in the hosting department. Please follow our hosting guidelines for the tips, tricks and procedures to run a successful event, competition or contest.

OGA Team Selection Criteria

OGA follows a process for selecting the provincial team to represent us at the Nationals, but also for any invitational and training camps. Our goal is to have the top invested athletes ready to go and prepared achieve to the ultimate goal of an international podium. We recognize that the Provincials is the first step to achieving said goal.

OGA Official Safety Guidelines

Safety is the forefront of the OGA. Please note that all events, competitions, club practices etc. need to follow the official OGA safety guidelines.

OGA Privacy Policy

Review up to date OGA Privacy laws and procedures. Our primary concern is to provide the best possible privacy solutions and guidelines regarding ALL members' personal information. We follow all regional privacy laws, and are especially concerned with matters of member confidentiality, including cases within the use of social media.

OGA CS4L - Long Term Athlete Development Pathway

OGA is in the process of building a top of the line training path for all athletes, from grassroots to the international podium. Our goal is to make sure we develop all members (coaches, athletes, managers and administrators) to their fullest potential, including the expansion of their skills within the OGA and beyond.

OGA Official Pathway (Long Term Athlete Development Pathway)

Long term growth is important to OGA and their athletes. LTAD is a new wave in athlete development, based on the integration of sport science research with experience in working with athletes and coaches to develop a comprehensive set of development principles.

OGA Regulations

The process in which the OGA functions. Please review for all information regarding the OGA on a process and procedure standpoint. Our emphasis is to understand the concept of our sports/styles in order to be successful.

OGA Tournament Hosting App.pdf

If you would like to host a tournament through OGA, it is necessary to complete and submit the OGA Tournament Hosting Application and to submit it to the proper channels.

Ontario Grappling Association Committee (OGAC)

The Ontario Grappling Association Committee (OGAC) is responsible for recommending policies/procedures and programs that will support the Grappling, Pankration in Ontario.

Ontario Grappling Association Competition

The Plan from Start to Podium. OGA - How to Get to the Top - Following the LTAD pathway and mode for OGA to produce top athletes, coaches and administrators at all levels in order to flourish as an organization.

OGA/UWW Grappling rules

Updated - Official Canadian Combat Alliance Rules in production

OGA Membership Policy

In order to be recognized as part of the Ontario Grappling Association (OGA) you will need to follow our membership policy and abide by all rules in order to be a registered member with our association. We are strict with following our policies and procedures and will not allow "non registered OGA members" to compete, train or involve themselves with OGA, until our registration conditions are met.

OGA Code of ethics and conduct

OGA follows a strict code of ethics and conduct when doing business of any sort. This includes the athletes floor, training rooms, traveling, and public and private areas associated with OGA members. Please review the policy to be up to date on what is expected in all areas of Ethics and Conduct.

HR Policy

OGA (HR) Hiring Policy.

Concussion Policy

OGA Concussion & Return to Play Policy.

Accessibility Policy

OGA Accessibility Policy.

AGM Minutes 2016

2016 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Special Meeting December 11, 2016

Special Meeting held in Mississauga, Ontario on December 11, 2016

Special Meeting January 21, 2017

Special Meeting held in Fort Erie, Niagara Winter Games, Jan 21, 2017 with the OGA Provincial Championships

OGA Operational Plan 2016-2018

OGA Operational Plan detailing events and Athlete Qualifying Pathway for 2016 to 2018 Provincial Championships and National Championships

OGA Weight Loss Policy

OGA Weight Loss Policy and Safety Guidelines for Coaches, Athletes, and Event Hosts or Promoters.

Coaching Application Form

Application form for Coaches. Fill out this form if you are looking to become a Coach, or to upgrade your current Coaching Designation

Coaching Developemnt Pathway

OGA Coaching Development Pathway outlines Coaching Designations, Accreditation, and Skills Development model.

OGA Pankration Rules

Conduct Rules & Regulations for Ontario Pankration Events.

OGA Sanctioning Policy

Sanctioning procedures and policies for membership and hosting events with OGA


Ontario Grappling Association COVID-19 prevention & return-to-play (RTP) procedures for reopening member clubs

OGA Refund Policy

OGA Refund Policy

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Inclusion Policy

Inclusion Policy


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